Sales By Country for WooCommerce

This plugin simply adds a report tab in WooCommerce Analytics to display sales by country reports. The plugin adds an additional report tab which display sales report by the shipping or billing country. The plugin does not have settings, you’ll find this report available in WooCommerce Analytics > Sales by Country.

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An annual license entitles you to 1 year of support and updates.
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Sales by Country Report

The Sales By Country report will add a menu item in the WooCommerce Analytics that will display total sales, net sales by billing or shipping country, number of countries and number of orders for a selected time period.


Sales by Country Details

The report will display a list of the countries, you can select to display total sales, net sales, gross sales, total tax, average order value, number of orders and percentage from the total sales in the selected period. You can download the sales by country report to CSV file.

Display Single Country Report

You can drill down and select to display the report for single country for a selected time period and compare the sales data to the previous period.


Compare Sales Performance Between Countries.

Select multiple countries and compare the sales performance for a selected period between the countries.


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